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          because Love never dies.

About Sandy...

Spirit Medium

Transformed by the loss of her infant daughter,

Sandy is a powerfully gifted Spirit Medium. 

She blends wisdom and gentle humor as a voice for Spirit...and God. 

Her messages are healing, uplifting and life-altering.

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Soul Coach

As a transformational coach, Sandy will help you to find your voice,  let go of fear, 

and heal your life. 

With her Spiritual guidance, you'll get reconnected to your authentic self.

create a life you'd love to live.


Do you want to learn to:

connect with spirit,

explore past lives or

quiet your mind chatter and tune in to your Soul? 

You can do that from the comfort of your own home with one of our online courses.

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There's no accident you are here...

We all experience losses in life: death of a loved one, job transitions, relationship changes, loss of ourselves...

Each loss usually breaks us down.

That breaking down can hurt you, or it can heal you.  

When you're broken open, it's an opportunity to find your connection to your Soul, to God, to Spirit. 

It is a Spiritual Awakening. 

I'm here to support you through your break-down, break-open, or break-through stages of your life. I tune in to a higher perspective, I think from a higher place, and life will start to make sense, your heart will heal, and you'll clear the path to your joy again.   

Welcome you.

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