Sandy AlemianI’m so glad you made it here!

There is no coincidence that you are here. Yes, right here, right now.

My hope…is that you will feel at home here, that you will find something that will lighten your heart, feed your soul, and nourish your spirit.

My vision…is to be a beacon of light in the world…as a messenger of hope, love, truth and healing that will touch your life somehow, either through Breakthrough to Unstoppable Coaching, one of my books, an online seminar, videos, audios, etc.

My dream…is that we will all come home…to love.

Does this sound like you?

You know that there is more to life, but your heart’s desires seem far away.

You often put on a brave face for the world, but inside you feel like you’re falling apart.

You have so many questions about WHY your life is the way it is…you want someone to help you figure out how to connect the dots.

You’re tired of trying to make everyone else happy.

You’re feeling draaaaained, trying to fix everyone else.

You are wanting to feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

Maybe you’ve lost a loved one…and feel like you’ve somehow lost YOU.

You just want PEACE…and yet wonder if you’ll ever have it.
If this sounds like you…I can help you. I’ve been where you’re at.
TaliaWhen my infant daughter Talia died, I was totally broken open.

In that brokenness, I found something that could never be broken…

I found my connection Source energy and its power.

I found my connection to my Soul and its wisdom.

I tapped into guidance, abundance, joy, and healing.

When you’re broken open, that’s where healing happens…if you allow it.flat550x550075f 

It’s where you find your authentic self, where happiness, joy, and abundance have been waiting for you!

Let the journey begin…

From my heart to yours,
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The Other Side of Grief