Are you ready to get free...?

Transform your life...with Braveheart coaching.

My mission: transform lives with messages from Spirit and conversations with God.

Have you ever wondered...

Is THIS all there is to life? 

How did I lose myself?

Where is my joy?

People-pleasing. Pretending. Silencing. Perfecting. Fixing.

No. Longer. Work.

Are you afraid to "rock the boat"?

What would you do if you were a little more brave?

You know that guilt, worry, anger, grief, sadness or anxiety gets in your way, but you're not sure how to let it go. 

When you work with me, you'll become more courageous.

  • We'll have conversations with your loved ones in Spirit. 
  • You'll deepen your connection to your God within.
  • You'll let go of what no longer serves you. 
  • You'll find your inner Braveheart.
  • Your relationships will improve.
  • You'll feel lighter, and happier.
  • You'll love yourself more.
  • You'll find your voice.
  • You'll heal your life. 

How is working with me different than other coaches? 

I'm a very rare blend of Spirit Medium and Life Coach.

We access the wisdom of God and the perspective of Spirit. 

You will heal the root cause of your life's challenges, and then more easily manifest the life you really want.

If you'd like to explore how you could shift with Braveheart coaching, 

I invite you to schedule a FREE 30 min consultation.

ps. If you do nothing...nothing will change. 

                                          CLIENT LOVE...

Sandy's coaching is PRICELESS. 

She is an incredible guide with a massive heart for serving her clients and everyone she encounters. 

She gets to the root of what's holding you back, better than any other coach I've ever known. And she's FUN! Take this opportunity to learn from her and grow in amazing ways.  

~Tamara Verma; Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur

From the very first 45 min consultation with Sandy I knew my life was going to change. Before Sandy I felt like a combination of a hot mess and the movie ground hog day! My life was stuck on loop mode. 

I kept telling myself the same stories over and over again and just couldn’t get my past behind me and it got me nowhere. Without judgment, Sandy taught me how to make space in my life and recognize the things that trigger me back into these un true stories that I tell myself and what I can do when these untruths arise.

I can not explain to you how much I have learned about myself !! The things I did subconsciously/consciously that kept me stuck in the victim roll, was exhausting!!! I feel free, whole, empowered and lighter to move through the world as my authentic self. Not just in my personal life but also in my professional life. Sandy, thank you for being there with me every step of the way in this new journey.  

~Krystelle Hamilton; Entrepreneur