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Soul Academy Coaching

…a powerful breakthrough program with Sandy Alemian

There comes a time in our lives when we say, “ENOUGH!”…enough fighting against ourselves and the world…fighting against joy…fighting against our truth.  

Therein lies our awakening. 

If we’re not experiencing life as we desire it, it’s because somewhere along the way, we got knocked off our authentic path. We lost our voice, and got bogged down with fear, doubt and worry. Add in a dollop of shame, anxiety and guilt, and there’s the recipe for getting “crimped off” from the most powerful and peaceful part of us…our SOUL.
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When we’re feeling disconnected from our soul, we feel unsure, afraid, disappointed, sad, anxious, worried…it’s like we’re just going through the motions, wondering when (or if) things will get better.  Meh!  I’ve been there!

When we’re aligned with our soul and its wisdom, we start to attract a better life…relationships improve, our checkbook improves, our love life improves, our health improves…our confidence improves…our life starts to bloom.  We start smiling from the inside out…and it’s a genuine smile.

And here’s the great news….

Sound the trumpets…Do do do dooooooo!!   

It’s already within YOU.

You need a tour guide to your alignment.  We’re human. Our “stuff” comes up, and it’s so easy to forget what we know deep inside. You need support…from someone who’s been there. You need guidance from someone who can help you think from a higher mind.   You need a clear mentor and guide to hold the space for you as you untangle yourself from all the stuff that no longer serves you, so that you can start loving your life…I mean really love it, not just tolerate it.

I have grown so much working with you. Your spirit is so warm and fuzzy, so comforting.  It’s a gift that just keeps giving!!  You are such a gifted teacher, my life will never be the same. It’s so exciting!!     ~Jane Elsner

Is Soul Coaching for you?

It is…if…

…if you are willing to feel better…a whole lot better. (You may laugh…but I meet many people who actually enjoy being miserable…they think it’s safer that way. Their unconscious thought is  “Let me keep myself miserable, before anyone else does…”)

…if you’ve been waiting for a breakthrough, and you’re willing to stop blaming anyone or everyone for your discontent (no worries, I’ll show you HOW to do that.)

…if you recognize that YOU are worth the investment of your time and money.  (Nobody can decide that but you.)

…if you want to work with someone who will make you laugh and help you grow at the same time.

When the student is ready…the teacher will appear.


My genius work is helping people find their way back home…to their authentic self…to their soul. Some call me a spiritual teacher, a clear channel, an intuitive healer, a happiness coach.  Labels are labels.

What matters more to me, is that in the last 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of people–just like you get free, and find their happy again.   I’m here to help you get real, and get free.  I’m a master at helping people shift their energy…so much more quickly than years of therapy.  It’s possible…it’s here…it’s time.

Some of what you’ll be learning about  throughout our time together:

Surrendering what no longer serves you…Creating a new Money Story… Understanding the 5 levels of Soul Awareness…Attracting what you desire…Connecting with your Wise Self…Quieting the Monkey Mind….Healing your Inner Child….Releasing unconscious resistance….Staying in a higher vibration in the midst of negativity.

Life will begin to make sense, and you’ll start feeling free to create what you really want.  You’ll be unleashing your inner creative power.

I have found my true self.  What a journey!  And it is not over.  Truly any interaction with you is life-changing, uplifting and beautiful!  I am eternally grateful for you, Sandy!    ~Nancy Hannigan

WOW Sandy! I cannot BELIEVE this….during my morning meditation, I actually for the first time let my soul flow upward and into my consciousness – it was beautiful and peaceful – strong, yet gentle – I had no fear – I felt I actually met with my (deceased) husband John’s spirit and we intertwined in a peaceful happiness – it was incredibly AWESOME!! Thank you!  ~Greta Ferreira

 You’ve done the best you can on your own.    
I’m here for you now.  I’m on your team. 

When you say “yes” to yourself…doors open and abundance shows up to support you.

Sandy, I am excited to let you know that I no longer need the C-Pap machine for sleep Apnea. I truly believe it is a result of the spiritual work that I have done with you and the past life regression session that we did. I want to thank you for the empowerment coaching and past life regression.  This work has enabled me to heal all past pain and transform my life!  My purpose on earth is much clearer.  You are one of God’s gifts to mankind and I look forward to working with you again in the future.  ~Helen Pudelko

Everyone will know their Soul’s peace when they die.         Not everyone will know it while they’re still alive.             Why wait?

Let’s do this together.  A more fun, lighter life is waiting for you.    If you’re on the fence about this, Click here to schedule a FREE Breakthrough Consultation, and we can chat to see if we’d be a good fit!

With so much love,

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Working with Sandy always felt like engaging in heart-centered conversation with a valued and trusted friend.  Using her beautiful spiritual gifts and her engaging humor, Sandy guided me to connect with my beloved, departed mother, my often-ignored inner child, receive spiritual messages I needed to hear, and uncover and begin to release long held mistaken beliefs about who I truly am.  This work with Sandy has been life validating and altering, as she helped me to remember that the author of this amazing story has always been, is now, and will forever be me.  ~Jennifer Hill