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020 A love story that transcends death…


In this podcast, you’ll be inspired by local author Anita Ann Caruso’s story of love.  She and her husband Lou knew instantly when they met that they were soulmates.  Their love story continued even after Lou’s death in 2007.  Anita learned how to still have a relationship with him, as he is in Spirit.  Her book, “As Ever, Pudd” is now available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com   You’ll love it!IMG_0269

019 The gift of forgiveness…after suicide.

Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair.  And it certainly doesn’t always make sense.  Especially when someone dies at a young age.

In this episode, I interview TV producer Michele Lazcano, whose story through loss is pretty amazing.  She was able to come to full forgiveness after the loss of her twin brothers.  And during the show, she had an experience with their Spirit energy. It was powerful!

Listen to this conversation…it will inspire you to free yourself of resentment.

Michele is also the producer of this Emmy-award winning piece on forgiveness.

Power of Forgiveness video:


017 Healing Power of 4 Simple Phrases


Do you ever feel like you’re carrying around unwanted emotional baggage?  Are you tired of seeing the same thing played out in your life?

When we realize and remember that we are creating our life with our thoughts every day, we can begin to take full responsibility for what our life looks like.

Most people don’t know how to clear their thoughts, or let go of the past baggage.  I’m so excited to share this healing technique with you.  It’s simple, and very powerful.

Listen in…and there’s a surprise for you at the end.  Just because… 🙂

016 Embracing who you are

Along your life, you have choices…to be what others want you to be, and feel the pain of not being true to you…or to embrace who you are.

In this episode, I’m joined by Kerry and Maggie Reardon, a mom and her daughter who each had a spiritual gift of intuition and wisdom at an early age, yet felt so very different.  We’ll talk about past, present and future life wisdom, body wisdom, slowing down, becoming aware and connecting to Source.

015 Infinite Possibilities with Dina Proctor

Do you know that anything is possible?  Do you really believe that?  It’s true. Though most people can’t fathom it.


Listen in, as Sandy talks with Dina Proctor, best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace.  They’ll share their thoughts on how it’s all possible, and take you through a powerful meditation so you can feel into what’s really possible for you!

014 Spirit Message at 3am

melissa and johnEver wake up at 3, or 3:33am, and feel like a loved one in Spirit is there with you?

Listen in to this week’s podcast, and you’ll hear how John Brown’s stepdaughter, Melissa felt her stepdad’s presence and what he asked her to do.

You’ll also hear another powerful message he has for all of US.

Love doesn’t die.

013 Hugs From Heaven

heartsIn honor of Valentine’s Day week, I’ll be talking about hugs, love, and you’ll receive 2 very special gifts!  The first is an opportunity to receive daily inspiration from YourDailyHug.com.  And then, at the end of the podcast, I’ll lead you through an amazing experience where you’ll have an opportunity to feel a real hug from heaven.

There’s no better feeling…

012 The Surprising truths he remembered while in a 30 day Coma

Billy McWalter was in a coma for 30 days.  Doctors told his family that there was little hope of him waking up from it.  Listen in to this fascinating interview as Sandy takes him through hypnosis, so that he can experience and remember where he went and what it was like for him to be out of his body during his coma. Wait til you hear about the 3 unexpected visitors that greeted him one by one.

You’ll realize there’s nothing to fear.




011 Healing a Memory with Help from Spirit

Did you know it’s possible for YOU to connect with your loved ones in Spirit?  Not only are they ok, but they are wanting to help you.

Listen in, as Sandy takes Judy O’Beirn, founder of Hasmark Services, through an amazing process of connecting with her husband’s spirit.   It’s not something Judy ever thought was possible!

Listen in…and you’ll understand the different ways for you to receive your own message from Spirit.

ps…You can read about Judy’s upcoming book at www.unwaveringstrength.com