Recalibrating Your Life–a 4 week Life-breakthrough experience

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Date: Oct 17, 2018 - Nov 14, 2018
Time: 12:00 am

Zen Loft

Maybe something in your life is JUST. NOT. WORKING…and worrying about it, trying to fix it or figure it out is life-draining.

When we get stuck, it’s typically in one of 3 areas…in your body, with money, and in relationships. As a result, we end up trying to make the “outside” world change, so we feel better inside. It’s exhausting!!

Come and experience true transformation from the inside out.

Recalibrating Your Life—a 4 week life breakthrough experience

Oct. 17, 24, Nov. 7, 14 6:30-8:30pm each week.

Week 1-Aligning with the Divine.

When you’re out of alignment with God, Angels and Spirit, worry, fear, guilt, doubt and anxiety will be part of your everyday life.

This week, you’ll learn how to stop worrying, and start living. You’ll learn how to partner and how to dialog (in real conversations) with the Divine; You’ll learn when (and how) to Surrender, and you’ll be guided through a deep healing experience, with the Vibration of God.

Week 2—Using your Body as your Spiritual GPS.

Not listening to your body can show up as excess weight, dis-ease, addiction, and emotional pain held in the body.

This week, you’ll learn how to tune into your body’s wisdom; How to use your body as your chief decision maker and “lie-buster”; and know what your Body is REALLY hungry for.

Week 3—Calling in a Miracle for your Relationship.

Your relationships serve as one of the most powerful arenas for growth.

This week, you’ll learn what to do when people bug you, or push your buttons! You’ll also learn how to have uncomfortable conversations, and how to stop repeating relationship patterns. You’ll learn the 3 questions that can open you for a relationship miracle.

Week 4—Money Breakthrough.

Your level of abundance relationship with money is fueled by your unconscious beliefs about it.

This week, you’ll learn the #1 unconscious block to money and how to avoid it. You’ll also experience a money breakthrough so you can release karma of lack, and raise your attraction set-point.

4 weeks—powerful transformation. $197