For over 20 years, Sandy has been an internationally known Spiritual Teacher, Grief Specialist, and Breakthrough Coach. Her wisdom and healing have touched thousands of lives all over the world.

She is the author of 2 books: “Congratulations…It’s an Angel” and the Amazon International Bestseller “What was God Thinking?!”.

Sandy inspires her audiences to see life from the soul’s perspective. The depth of her wisdom, blended with her engaging humor, create a unique form of healing that helps people release themselves from fear, guilt, worry and grief, so they can feel the limitless possibilities of peace, love and joy once again.

Sandy experienced a parent’s worst nightmare when her infant daughter Talia died at 31 days old. From the darkness of Talia’s death, a spark of light was found…the reawakening of a life purpose – that of helping people burst through their inner blocks.

“I began to hear God’s whispers and my writing took on a new dimension. It was more like an ongoing dialog with God. These writings offered insight about death and dying, and more importantly, about living life to its fullest potential. Through these messages, I was guided, loved, and supported through the healing journey after Talia’s death. And I was “told” that my experience was going to help others in a way that I had not even imagined.”