An Interview with Sandy

What keeps most people stuck?

Two words…limiting beliefs.

Let me break it down…
Our limiting beliefs are typically created out of fear.

Fear causes the heart to close. And when the heart is closed, we end up in our Monkey Mind, which is not a pretty place to hang out.

The Monkey Mind is filled with limiting thoughts and beliefs, which then affect your energy vibration, which creates your reality.

Your limiting thoughts and beliefs typically stem from childhood experiences. The inner child created so many stories, based on its limited perception of the world.

So when you want to shift your reality, we excavate the (often hidden) limiting thoughts and beliefs, and we upgrade them.

What are the most common limiting beliefs that people are creating their lives with?

Some of the most common ones are: “I’m not worthy.” “There’s not enough ____.” “I’m not lovable.” “It can’t happen.” “God’s forgotten about me.”
These beliefs create repetitive patterns that just feel off.

Life happens. It can hurt. I can believe that we can be victimized by it..or we can learn, help me to grow. I work with people who want to learn and grow through it.

I work well with people who want to see a more expanded view of themselves, life and death. Those who are wanting to create an amazing life for themselves.

How are you different than other Coaches?

Having been broken open a few times, I have integrated more of God and my Soul in my vibration. So I think from a higher perspective and I hold a higher frequency, which facilitates healing and change quickly.

Here’s the funny thing. Way back when, when I was teaching Spiritual principles about how to do life differently, I wasn’t living them. (They often say “You teach what you need to know.”) It was good stuff, but there was a part of me that was too afraid to be honest with myself…about my marriage, about my work, about the stress that was within me.

As I hired my own coach, I began to break through all my illusions and live what I was teaching. I went through several “breaking open” periods…loss, divorce, bankruptcy, and kept finding more authentic parts of me.

Now, I teach what I live…and I live what I teach, which is to lean back into Surrender and Trust and open my heart to Infinite Possibilities, which helps my Soul’s plan to unfold.

And I’ve been to the void that any kind of loss brings you to. Through my writing, my spiritual path and my connection with the Divine, I have come through to the other side of it.

I’ve walked the walk. I talk the talk.

I’m not afraid to share and write about my vulnerabilities and how I move through them. It makes me real.

Plus…I’ve had 25 years of having conversations with God and Angels.

That’s a lotta life-changing wisdom!

What results could I expect from working with you?

Everyone’s results are different. By unravelling the stories and emotions that keep them stuck, most clients have told me that they feel like a burden has been lifted, and they feel incredibly relieved. They’ve told me that I have helped them connect the dots to their life and now they finally understand their life…why it’s been the way it’s been, and what they can continue to do to change it.

They are no longer afraid, they worry less, they Surrender more and tune into their Soul’s wisdom. They find the work they love doing, they have a different relationship with money and their relationships feel more fulfilling (because I teach them how to connect to their Authentic Self first and their relationships mirror that.)

Are you a psychic?

I’m not a psychic. I don’t do predictions. And I’m not here to give you a quick fix. I’m here to empower you, to help you see life…and death differently so that you can have a life filled with more peace, joy, and Infinite Possibilities.

Most importantly…I care about you, hold a sacred healing space for you, and have programs that will keep you on track. In other words, I’ve got your back. And, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Are there any kinds of clients that you don’t work well with?

Actually, yes. People who insist on being victims and blaming life or other people for their unhappiness.

Is one session enough?

No. I have been able to help my clients break through in profound ways. When someone has a session with me, it can be truly life changing…yes, one session. But continued transformation takes place over time.

There will be so many questions that come up for you. I want to make sure you have full-on support, and that you stay connected to the new level of Soul awareness that you’re moving into. Otherwise, you’ll end up back in the same rut again and again.

You have a higher perspective on death. Can you share that?

We are all made up of energy, you can call it your Spirit, or Soul. When you’re here physically, you are a physical being and a spirit being. When one dies, it’s like they “unzip” from the body…and now exist as pure energy again, which holds no pain, fear, angst or illness. The body dies, but that energy does not die.

Death, to me, is about being back in our “home” state of being…pure, positive, high-frequency energy. To me, it’s Divine Expansion And Total Healing.

In your book, “What was God Thinking?!” you mention God…are you a certain religious denomination?

No. I used to believe that God was like Santa (you ask, you make a list, you hopefully receive). Then as I started hearing God’s “whispers”…I started feeling like God was my best friend. I don’t believe in a punishing God. You’ve got to read, “What was God Thinking?!”…you’ll love it. It’s my 2 year ongoing private conversation (well, not so private anymore!) with God about…well, every question I could possibly think of about life, relationships, and why things weren’t making sense.

I told God that I wouldn’t understand “thee’s, thou’s and shalt’s”…so God talks to me in a way that I can totally understand. And I wrote down everything I heard.

It. Was. Amazing.

How can I start with you?

We’d start with a FREE Breakthrough consultation on the phone, to see which type of coaching would make most sense for you. You can schedule that HERE.